HCC Embedded is running a series of webinars, providing detailed information, education, and discussion of major topics relating to our products.

For more information on a webinar, or to register for a webinar, click its link in the table below. Past webinars are available on demand - just click the link for the webinar.

All webinars are presented by Dave Hughes.

2020 Webinars

Date Webinar Topic
20.02.2020 Thursday TLS 1.3 in Embedded Systems
17.03.2020 Tuesday SafeTCPIP an Introduction: Safety Methodologies Applied to Standard Software Components
23.04.2020 Thursday IPsec: The security protocol of choice for closed systems
11.06.2020 Thursday Using Software of Known Provenance with IEC 62304
17.09.2020 Thursday Understanding Flash Management for Embedded Engineers
22.10.2020 Thursday Introduction to Failsafety for Embedded File Systems
03.12.2020 Thursday Networking over USB for Embedded Systems

2019 Webinars

Date Webinar Topic
25.04.2019 Thursday Developing RTOS-independent code in Embedded designs
23.05.2019 Thursday Understanding Serial NOR and NAND flash in Embedded designs
13.06.2019 Thursday Choosing the Optimal Embedded File System for Your Project
02.07.2019 Tuesday Practical Introduction to Safety Software
19.09.2019 Thursday Introduction to Reusable Embedded Software Components for Automotive
24.10.2019 Thursday Choosing an Embedded File System
(Joint webinar with Hitex Germany)
19.11.2019 Tuesday Practical Differences between standard Software modules and those designed for Safety