HCC Swissbit demonstrate Failsafe SD Card System, Dec 2013

Watch this video to see an STM32 based demo of a fail-safe file system running an extended read/write/erase test next to a generic file system and store bought SD Card. The generic system fails frequently when simple fault injection takes place and the fail-safe system using SafeFAT continues to function correctly under all test conditions.

Re-useable Software for ARM MCUs, October 2013

At the ARM Conference in Sindelfingen, Dave Hughes, CEO of HCC, discusses how to use a framework approach to develop re-useable software for ARM based MCUs. The proliferation of ARM cores has simplified the challenge of developing re-useable embedded software modules but complex peripherals still present a significant problem for developers. Hughes outlines a practical approach for developers to achieve re-use, even when using incompatible peripherals.

ARM & HCC Discuss Embedded Software, March 2012

Andy Frame of ARM discusses the importance of embedded middleware with HCC’s Director of Marketing, David Brook at the Design West show in San jose. The discussion covers how HCC and ARM have partnered in a number of areas including software distribution and how HCC plans to introduce verifiable software for ARM controllers.

Embedded News March 2012, Dave Hughes, CEO

CEO of HCC, Dave Hughes, discusses the introduction of full peripheral support for STMicro’s Cortex based controllers with ICC Media’s Pascal Oelmann. To demonstrate how HCC achieves compatibility with such a broad range of hardware and software, Hughes discusses the importance of HCC’s Advanced Embedded Framework. Original video can be found at ICC Media GmbH

Embedded News 2011, David Brook Interview

HCC’s Director of Marketing, David Brook discusses the progress HCC have made in developing a verifiable embedded TCP/IP stack and how this can be used to develop applications with high integrity. In an interview with ICC Medias Juergen Huebner, he discusses how to make ‘C’ an appropriate language for embedded development in a a way that can be used in critical applications such as medical devices. Original video can be found at ICC Media GmbH

Embedded News 2011, David Brook interview

Director of Marketing David Brook is interviewed by Embedded TV’s Pascal Oelmann about HCC’s new Advanced Embedded Middleware strategy. In the interview Brook discusses HCC’s what is happening in the embedded industry and how HCC will play a leading role in the development of applications which require verification and certification. Topics discussed include MISRA compliance and development of a robust process. Original video can be found at ICC Media GmbH

Dave Hughes, Embedded World 2010

Dave Hughes CEO of HCC talks to Wolfgang Patelay about developing robust file systems and how a truly fail safe system can be developed. HCC had just introduced a new fail-safe file system and hughes discusses in detail how developers can achieve a completely reliable file system with a high level of data integrity. The relevance of a fail-safe file system in safety environments is discussed.