Embedded USB Driver Software

Embedded USB stacks from HCC are mature, widely used stacks that can support almost any desired USB configuration. The USB suite includes solutions not only for common functions like HID, Hub and Mass Storage but also for more sophisticated requirements including Isochronous, Composite Devices, and interfaces to File Systems and Ethernet. This means developers can exploit USB to its full capability with ease without having to worry about developing highly specialized drivers.

Software is generally provided as a source code project for most popular RTOSes, MCUs and compilers. This means that embedded developers no longer need feel constrained by limited support available on their chosen target. HCC provide software for all interface speeds, all transfer types, USB 1.1/2.0, Host, Device and OTG modes. Having one of the broadest selections of class drivers available in the embedded market ensures that, irrespective of your future needs, HCC can provide long-term support.

All Speeds & Transfer Types

HCC USB comprehensively supports all USB endpoint/transfer types and interface speeds including Low (1.5Mbs), Full (12Mbs) and High Speed (480Mbps). Transfer types include Control, Interrupt, Bulk, and Isochronous, providing the base for the widest possible range of class drivers.

Hub, Composite, Compound & Complex Devices

HCC provides support for multiple USB class functions to be used on the same device in almost any configuration possible.