Network Communication Software

HCC’s unique position as a middleware developer means that we can offer tight integration of file systems, serial and Ethernet interfaces to support communications between different protocols. Connecting different devices to a PC used to involve many hardware interfaces and protocols, for example Ethernet ports, serial ports, ATA/IDE interfaces, audio ports, video adapters and so on. HCC USB allows sharing of a single high speed bus by many peripheral types, connecting TCP/IP networks over USB interfaces either as local or remote network adapters.

To achieve this HCC supplies the following Control Device Class (CDC) Drivers:

RNDIS (Remote Network Driver Interface Standard) – provides a virtual Ethernet link.

CDC-ACM (CDC Abstract Control Module) – provides a serial interface for devices such as modems.

CDC-EEM (CDC Ethernet Emulation Module) – sends and receives Ethernet frames over USB.

CDC-ECM (CDC Ethernet Control Module) – presents a USB device to the system as a network adaptor.

CDC-OBEX (CDC Object Exchange) – creates a virtual COM port over USB.

CDC-FTDI – builds an interface to a Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) serial interface.

HCC File Systems & Media Connectivity

File Systems & Media Connectivity