Demonstration projects for AURIX TC275, AURIX 2G TC375 and TC397

This page contains a list of downloadable binary demonstrations for the Infineon AURIX™ and  AURIX™ 2G microcontrollers, showcasing a variety of Tuxera products and expertise. These projects are developed with the HighTec Free Entry Tool Chain and incorporate the FreeRTOS embedded operating system.


The TC275 and TC375 demonstration projects are prepared for the Hitex/Infineon ShieldBuddy TC275 and ShieldBuddy TC375 development boards, for which the extension board "ShieldBuddysBuddy" has been developed - fitting nicely on top of the ShieldBuddy base board.

This ShieldBuddysBuddy extension board provides an Ethernet interface, two CAN interfaces and an SD card (slot) interface. This extension board is available through our sales team.

On this page we also provide downloads of Demonstration projects for the Infineon TC397 evaluation board. Board support for other starterkits or TriBoards is available through our support team.

Tuxera supports the full versions of the Tasking, HighTec, Green Hills or Wind River compilers with its products for the Infineon AURIX families, and they are tested for compatibility with Infineon's AUTOSAR MCAL software libraries where appropriate.

Looking for a specific AURIX configuration? Use our Project Builder and select the MCU, compiler and RTOS of your choice, and indicate your evaluation board.

Available free Demonstration Projects
Product demo ShieldBuddy TC275   ShieldBuddy TC375   TC397 starterkit  
SafeTCPIP (ISO 26262 ASIL B TCP/IPv4 stack) Available with
ShieldBuddysBuddy board
Planned SafeTCPIP stack
MISRA Compliant TCP/IP Stack Available with
ShieldBuddysBuddy board
Available with
ShieldBuddysBuddy board
TCP/IP stack
Ethernet driver Included Included Included
MMC/SD card-SPI driver Available with
ShieldBuddysBuddy board
File system Flash Storage On Request On Request  

All demos contain a FreeRTOS port for the TC27x/TC3xx controllers. Of course these demos are also available for use without an RTOS, or with any other RTOS than FreeRTOS.

Our Evaluation License Agreement is applicable to these Demonstration Projects