Embedded System and Software Licensing

HCC Licensing

HCC has a range of licensing options designed to suit almost any budget or situation. HCC software is unique in that it is truly modular – core code can be used without modification on any embedded platform, toolchain or RTOS. This frees you from dependence on a single vendor and means that any investment in your application will last for many years.

Licenses for fail-safe file systems, USB stacks, reliable network stacks and security software etc are available for as less than the cost of an engineer’s monthly salary. All software comes with a full warranty, 1 year support and a money back period. When compared to the potentially unlimited risk, uncertainty and costs of using free and open source software, it is probably the fastest and cheapest way to get a stable product to market.

Source Code Projects, Royalty Free Licenses

Because of the modularity provided by HCC’s Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF), we can easily provide fully integrated projects at no additional cost. This means we provide all the abstractions and drivers for the RTOS, toolchain, development board etc with everything tested in the target environment – we even provide a photo of the board to avoid any ambiguity about switch settings etc! You can even define these project requirements yourself using our online online configurator. All software is available in source code form, fully documented for a one-time purchase fee with no hidden costs, royalties, run-time fees or surprises.

Full Warranty Protection, Support and Maintenance Included

HCC software is designed, maintained and documented to the highest standards. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our products that we provide a 30-day period during which you can return the software without penalty or payment. The first 12 months of technical support are included free of charge and our products are maintained and documented to the highest of standards. Support is available through reference samples, email and telephone. We warrant that all of our software will operate correctly and we release maintenance updates through a secure online account. This personal online account gives you access to all of your source code and documents, including maintenance updates, for the entire life of the supported project.

Flexible License Models & Pricing

Software is licensed through a one-time ‘buy-out’ license with some specialized products available on a volume-based license. Typically price is based on how you use and deploy the software. We have licenses for use in a Single Product or a Product Line, which have no limit on manufacturing volume and flexibility in the number of developers and sites permitted. Additionally we can provide Processor Licenses or Platform Licenses for much more flexible use across an organization. Since we deal with so many different use cases, it is best to contact a local representative to find out what we offer for your particular circumstances.