Embedded SMFS File Systems
Smart-meter File System (SMFSTM)

Smart-meter systems must meet significant technical challenges in order to lower manufacturing cost and power consumption and to achieve high reliability. HCC has developed an advanced Smart-meter File System (SMFS), custom designed for the needs of smart-energy and smart-meter applications. This can result in lower cost of manufacturing, shorter development time, reduced field maintenance, and longer guaranteed life of operation.

New Approach

Instead of using a traditional file based system, HCC has taken the radical approach of defining a system built around the needs of smart-meters. Metering applications usually have well-defined record structures and HCC has used its extensive flash experience to take advantage of this. By taking a data-focused approach instead of a file-focused one, it is possible reduce the required number of write/erase cycles by an order of magnitude. Traditional file systems do not have built-in cyclic buffer logic for storing records and this can add complexity, significantly increasing the number of times flash must be accessed. SMFS uses a structured database to reduce the complexity of the application. This improves the performance in almost every way: speed, power consumption, and flash life.

Benefits of SMFS
  • Fail-safe data storage for guaranteed system recovery.
  • Persistent data storage for 15 years or more.
  • Features developed to significantly lower manufacturing BOM cost.
  • Minimum number of flash operations to preserve both the flash and the battery.
  • Deterministic behavior in the event of unexpected reset.

Click to download a brief PDF overview describing how HCCs completely reliable metering file-system can save time and money in most meter-based applications. The document describes how the implementation works and what benefits using a custom designed metering file-system can bring to your next application development.

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