All HCC software is supplied under a license agreement to our customers. For all our products except SafeTCPIP and exFAT/SafeexFAT, the license models in the table below are available. These licenses are all royalty-free and include:

  • Full warranty
  • Full source code
  • One year of support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Support can be extended at a cost of 20% per year.

For any questions, or to discuss alternative licensing models, please contact:

License Types Development sites MCU(s) Product(s) Developers License Definitions
Single Product 1 1 1 5 Any device or application that is uniquely identifiable by MCU and by design elements (for example, RTOS and compiler) and a product name or code number. All manufactured versions of the product will be identical.
Product Line 1 1 Multiple 10 A set of products that share technical characteristics, MCU, and design elements (RTOS, compiler), but have variations in function. It must have a name or reference that identifies the family and the variants in that family.
Platform 1 1 Multiple 10 An environment (in which HCC code executes) that can be integrated as the base of multiple products or product lines. A platform must be defined by MCU, RTOS, and compiler.
Platform Distribution 1 1 Multiple 10 Allows the distribution of executables that can run on a defined ‘platform’, defined by MCU, RTOS, and compiler.
Architecture 1 1 MCU execution platform Multiple 10 A specific microprocessor architecture and microcontroller core version.
Site Multiple Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited A specific business location of the company or business unit, generally organized around a product offering. This license permits the development of any number of products with no restriction on the product names, MCUs, RTOSes, or compilers used.
Global Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited A company-wide license for unlimited Licensee Device types. There is  no restriction on the characteristics of those Licensee Devices.