July 8-10, 2019, Sindelfingen, Germany

HCC attended this forum in Germany where our CEO Dave Hughes gave a presentation about ISO 26262 and the Safety Element out of context (SEooC) model on Wednesday 10 July, 12:20 – 13:00.

Summary of presentation:

  • All safety standards advocate the use of proven components as long as they can be suitably qualified. In the automotive industry, ISO 26262 has created a clean definition of using proven components called Safety Elements out of Context (SEooCs).
  • While SEooCs are more commonly understood as hardware components such as microcontrollers or subsystems, the model provides an ideal approach for developing high-quality software elements out of context. These software elements are designed to provide a specific functionality and meet a required safety level with no awareness of how the software will be used (or even what parts of it will be used) in the final target system.
  • While the concept is derived from an automotive standard, it can also be applied to other safety-conscious industries such as aerospace, industrial, and medical device markets.

Attendees were invited to visit our table-top display for conversations and to learn more about HCC solutions.