HCC has invested millions of dollars developing software using an advanced embedded framework (AEF). This means we can supply peripheral software for any embedded processor with seamless support for any Real Time Operating System (RTOS) or scheduler. HCC middleware is designed to be truly target independent and portable – it simply drops-in, even if you use no RTOS or a scheduler you developed yourself. If you need a complete, integrated solution HCC supplies eTaskSync, a highly efficient RTOS which is available with a full software verification suite including a static analysis report, MC-DC testing, and 100% statement and object code coverage.

Why lock your future development to a single RTOS, MCU or compiler?

  • Any RTOS: including FreeRTOS, TI-RTOS, CMSIS-RTOS, OSEK/VDK, MQX, uC-OS, Keil RTX, ChibiOS and many more. See RTOS Range for a full list.
  • Any Compiler: beautifully written code, compiles cleanly with no #def or PRAGMA.
  • Fully Portable: switch RTOS, MCU, development board, endianness, or compiler, with no code modifications.
Free RTOS Abstractions

Thanks to HCC’s AEF, we can provide all communications and storage software with full integration with up to 30 free and commercial RTOSes including FreeRTOS, MQX, Keil RTX, TI-RTOS, CMSIS, uC/OSii and more. See RTOS Range for a full list.

NO RTOS and “In-house” Schedulers

Using an off-the shelf RTOS is not always an appropriate solution. HCC offers a neat abstraction to integrate complex middleware with proprietary solutions and super-loops. Our non-blocking API ensures flexible development and reliability.

Worried about integration? Try Risk Free for 30 Days

All HCC products are supplied as source code projects, all target integration is taken care of free of charge for standard products. Full technical support and warranty for 12 months is included. No matter what RTOS or toolchain you use, HCC will provide seamless integration and a test project on your development board. You will not be required to pay anything until 30 days after delivery – you can return if not satisfied, free of charge, with no penalty !!!!!