The xHCI module is a driver for a USB 3.x host controller, compliant with xHCI 1.0 specification, and provides high speed, full speed and low speed USB functions. The controller can handle all USB transfer types except ISO transfer and, in conjunction with the USB host stack, can be used with any USB class driver except the audio class driver.

The xHCI Host Controller package provides a host controller for a USB stack, as follows:

  • Conforms to the HCC Advanced Embedded Framework.
  • Designed for integration with both RTOS and non-RTOS based systems.
  • Integrated with HCC USB Host stack and all its class drivers, except audio class driver.
  • Can be used with any USB host controller that is compliant with xHCI 1.0 specification.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous xHCI controllers, each with multiple devices attached.
  • Supports USB transfer types: Control, Bulk, Interrupt, Isochronous.
  • Supports High-Speed High-Bandwidth Isochronous endpoints.
  • Supports up to 32 EndPoints per device slot.