HCC’s USB Host stack is a scalable suite that enables an embedded host to control a variety of USB devices including pen-drives, printers, audio devices, joysticks, virtual serial ports and network interfaces. The embedded USB host stack supports EHCI, OHCI, xHCI, and non-standard USB controllers.

USB Host base system

The USB Host base system is the core of HCC’s USB host stack solution. It supports any number of USB host controllers, each of which may have multiple units. Supported host controllers include any combination of Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI), Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI), eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI), and proprietary host controller types. HCC has many host controller implementations and can add new host controllers on request.

The system provides an interface for any number of USB host class drivers to communicate with their corresponding USB device class drivers. The system supports all USB transfer types (control, interrupt, bulk, and isochronous).

Host Controller Range

HCC provides USB host controllers for the following microcontrollers:

Controller MCUs
Atmel Atmel® MCUs including AVR32 and SAM V71 series.
Atmel USBC Atmel® USBC
EHCI Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI)
ISP1161 NXP Semiconductors ISP1161 and ISP1161A1
ISP1362 NXP Semiconductors ISP1362
LM3S and TM4C Texas Instruments Incorporated LM3Sxxx/TM4Cxxx
MAX3421 MAX3421 from Maxim Integrated™
MUSB CPPI Texas Instruments Incorporated devices with Mentor USB core and CPPI DMA (DM814x/DM816x)
MUSB DMA Devices with the Mentor Graphics® USB core and CPPI DMA (DM814x/DM816x). These include:  Analog Devices Blackfin® BF60x, Microchip Technology PIC32 and PIC32MZ and Smartfusion2 SoC.
OHCI Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI)
Renesas Renesas SH and RX
SAF1761 NXP Semiconductors’ SAF1761 host controllers and also the legacy ISP1760, ISP1761, and ISP1763
STM32 STM32 OTG microcontrollers
Synopsys® OTG Synopsys® OTG
VUSB VUSB microcontrollers
xHCI eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI)
Other Is your device not listed in the table? Chances are high that we readily support your device, as it might be compatible with one of the devices in this table. Our support team can quickly tell and advise you.
USB Host stack architecture