HCC provides USB Device low level drivers for the following microcontrollers:

Driver MCUs
ARC Synopsys® ARC®
Atmel SAM UDPHS  Atmel® SAM MCUs with a UDPHS (USB Device High Speed Port) device core.
Atmel SAM Atmel® SAM with USP device core.
Atmel SAM4 Atmel® SAM4 MCUs with USB device core: ATSAM4C, ATSAM4E, ATSAM4L, ATSAM4N, and ATSAM4S.
Atmel SAM x70 Atmel® ATSAME70, ATSAMS70, ATSAMV70, and ATSAMV71 microcontrollers.
Faraday FA626 Faraday Technology Corporation FA626 microcontrollers.
ISP1181 NXP Semiconductors’ ISP1181.
ISP1582 NXP Semiconductors’ ISP1582.
LPC NXP Semiconductors LPC.
MSP430 Texas Instruments Incorporated MSP430.
MUSB Analog Devices Blackfin® BF60x MCUs with Mentor Graphics® MUSB device core.
MUSB CPPI Texas Instruments Incorporated AM1808/AM1810 and AM335x with Mentor Graphics® MUSB device core.
OMAP L-1x Texas Instruments Incorporated OMAP™ L-1x.
Renesas Renesas RZ/N1D, RZ/N1S, and RZ/N1L.
Renesas 20 Renesas SH and RX.
STM32 STMicroelectronics STM32, such as STM32F103/USB interface, STM32L152, and STM32F072.
Synopsys® OTG Synopsys® OTG.
VUSB VUSB microcontrollers.
Other Is your device not listed in the table? Chances are high that we readily support your device, as it might be compatible with one of the devices in this table. Our support team can quickly tell and advise you.
USB Device low level driver architecture
  • Conforms to the HCC Advanced Embedded Framework.
  • Designed for integration with both RTOS and non-RTOS based systems.
  • Conforms to HCC’s USB Device Low Level Driver Specification.
  • Integrated with the HCC USB device stack and all its class drivers.
  • Supports all USB transfer types: control, bulk, interrupt, and isochronous.