HCC provides these three RTOS abstractions for special purposes. For full details of any module, click the link to open its user guide.

Abstraction Description
OAL for eTaskSync An OAL (OS Abstraction Layer) for developing embedded systems that use HCC’s eTaskSync operating system.
OAL for Systems with No RTOS For developing embedded systems that use no RTOS.
OAL Template For creating an HCC Embedded-compatible RTOS abstraction for an embedded system.

HCC has developed RTOS abstractions for the following RTOSes. For full details of any module, click the link to open its user guide.

RTOS Description
µ-velOSity μ-velOSity™ RTOS from Green Hills® Software.
Azure ThreadX Azure ThreadX® RTOS from Microsoft (Express Logic, Inc.)
ChibiOS ChibiOS open source RTOS, freely available under a GPL license.
CMSIS Arm® Cortex® Microcontroller Software Interface Standard.  HCC’s middleware for this includes extensive flash support, verifiable TLS/SSL, and high performance USB.
CMX-RTX CMX-RTX™ from CMX Systems Inc.
DSP/BIOS DSP/BIOS™ RTOS from Texas Instruments Incorporated.
eCos  eCOS® RTOS from eCosCentric® Limited.
embOS embOS RTOS from SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH.
Enea OSE Enea OSE® RTOS from Enea AB
Linux (Embedded) Linux
NuttX Apache NuttX is a real-time operating system from the Apache Software Foundation
Keil RTX Keil® RTX RTOS from Arm® Limited.
Nucleus Nucleus™ RTOS from Siemens
QNX QNX is a commercial operating system from BlackBerry® QNX®.
OpenRTOS WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems
OSE Epsilon OSE Epsilon RTOS from Enea AB.
RTXC Quadros RTXC™ Quadros RTOS from Quadros™ Systems, Inc.
SafeRTOS WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems
ST OS20 OS20 RTOS from ST Microelectronics.
TI-RTOS TI-RTOS from Texas Instruments Incorporated. 
uCOS-II μC/OS-II™ RTOS from Silicon Labs' Micrium™
uCOS-III μC/OS-III™ RTOS from Silicon Labs' Micrium™
Zephyr RTOS Open Source based RTOS for connected resource-constrained devices, from the Zephyr Project™



HCC provides a rich portfolio of complementary middleware for embedded processors supported by each RTOS.

Embedded “Any RTOS” Software

All HCC middleware is independent of any RTOS. It is frequently used in conjunction with many free or commercial operating systems to provide specialist support for features such as fail-safety, NAND/NOR flash, advanced networking, and security.

RTOS Migration

All HCC middleware is based on HCC’s Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF) that abstracts the RTOS interface. This makes it a straightforward process to move your application from one RTOS to another – with minimal if any changes to your application.

Fully Integrated and Tested Projects Delivered

HCC supplies fully integrated and supported projects running on standard development boards or customer hardware. All software is delivered as a source code-based project with a demo application and supports most popular toolchains. This means the integration effort is taken care of and full technical support is provided. This dramatically reduces the time and risk of using and integrating the RTOS with complex peripherals.

You can start planning your RTOS project using  HCC's project builder that allows you to specify a project in detail and ask HCC’s team to review it. You will get a free quotation for an RTOS-based project that will be delivered quickly with full technical support.