HCC has made the development of its Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF) a cornerstone of our engineering – an essential part of building scalability and quality into our products. This means we can supply peripheral software for any embedded processor with seamless support for any Real Time Operating System (RTOS) or scheduler. HCC middleware is designed to be truly target independent and portable – it simply drops-in, even if you use no RTOS or a scheduler you developed yourself. If you need a complete, integrated solution HCC supplies eTaskSync, a highly efficient RTOS which is available with a full software verification suite including a static analysis report, MC-DC testing, and 100% statement and object code coverage.

Why lock your future development to a single RTOS, MCU or compiler?

  • Any RTOS: including FreeRTOS, TI-RTOS, CMSIS-RTOS, OSEK/VDK, MQX, uC-OS, Keil RTX, ChibiOS and many more. See RTOS Support for a full list.
  • Any Compiler: code compiles cleanly with no #def or PRAGMA at the highest warning level of most compiler.
  • Fully Portable:  switch RTOS, MCU, development board, endianness, or compiler, with no code modifications.
FreeRTOS Abstractions

Thanks to our AEF, we can provide all communications and storage software with full integration with up to 30 free and commercial RTOSes including FreeRTOS, MQX, Keil RTX, TI-RTOS, CMSIS, uC/OSii and more. See RTOS Support  for a full list.

Non-RTOS systems

HCC provides an “RTOS” abstraction for systems that do not have an RTOS, also known as bare-metal systems, that typically run superloops. The abstraction allows all HCC middleware to run, even though there is no scheduler.

Custom RTOS

HCC provides an RTOS abstraction template for customers who have their own RTOS or RTOS-like system. This allows the customer to port this abstraction so that all HCC middleware can run in their environment. This porting can be done either by the customer or by HCC’s engineering team.