The Integration TestBench (ITB) has been developed to assist the integration of an HCC developed SEooC to a customer safety development. The ITB enables the replication of all the tests done during the development process to take place on the target system. This includes black box, white box, and unit test cases. This ensures that the same test coverage achieved during SEooC development is identically performed after target integration.

This diagram shows the test bench procedure:

HCC test bench procedure

This shows:

  • DUT = Device Under Test, the customer’s development to which HCC is integrating its SEooC.
  • RPC = Remote Procedure Call.
  • IUT = Instrument Under Test (HCC’s SEooC).

The diagram shows how by connecting to the upper and lower interfaces we can use RPCs to replicate the same tests that were executed during development in the context of the customer’s device build. So, for example, if the original test suite achieved 100% MC/DC coverage, then it can be executed again on the target, proving that the same level of coverage has been achieved.

This is crucial because if you test a system in development it will be a different environment (even compiler version) to that used in the real product that has to be safe. This test bench procedure verifies that the product that was proven safe in development is still safe after it has been integrated into the safety system.