This table lists those applications that are used for network management. For more details of any module, click on its link in the table.

All of these modules are part of the HCC MISRA Compliant TCP/IP Stack, as shown in the Networking Overview diagram, and designed specifically for use with it.

DHCP Client for IPv4


Dynamic Host Control Protocol, used by a client device to get an IPv4 address. This is the separate DHCP client application for IPv4.
AutoIP for IPv4


AutoIP (link-local address) extension for HCC's IPv4 stack, to automatically assign link-local IP addresses to devices on small local networks.
DHCP Client for IPv6 This client supports IPv6 addresses. It can be used in HCC’s dual TCP/IP stack alongside the DHCP client for IPv4.
DHCP Server for IPv4 Dynamic Host Control Protocol server application for IPv4.
DNS Client Domain Name System, a distributed naming system for resources connected to the Internet or other networks.
SNMP Provides embedded devices with secure and reliable network management capability.
NTP Client Network Time Protocol (NTP) Client is used to synchronize clocks on computer systems in packet-switched networks.
SNTP Client Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) is used to synchronize clocks on computer systems.