HCC provides the following general purpose network drivers:

Driver Description
Network Base network driver design, independent of any particular higher level stack.
Loopback Driver Useful for testing when working with the real remote application is not possible.
PPP Point to Point Protocol, lets you set up a network connection over a serial link to a remote network stack.

HCC provides also network drivers for the following MCUs / Ethernet controllers:

Driver MCUs / Ethernet controllers
Atmel EMAC Ethernet Media Access Controller (EMAC) core in Atmel® SMART microcontrollers. These  are produced by Microchip Technology Inc.
CDC-ECM CDC-ECM (Control Device Class - Ethernet Control Model). This implements the Ethernet driver for HCC's USB Host CDC-ECM Class Driver.
ENC624J600 Microchip ENC624J600 standalone Ethernet controller. This is a standalone 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface controller with integrated MAC & PHY, hardware cryptographic security engines, and a factory pre-programmed unique MAC address
Freescale EtherNet IP EtherNet/IP devices from Freescale™ Semiconductor Inc (now NXP). These include i.MX 6 and all Ethernet-capable Kinetis microcontrollers.
GMAC MAC Xilinx (AMD)® Zynq® and Microchip Technology Inc. Atmel® SMART microcontrollers that have a GMAC MAC core. 
LPC Ethernet-capable LPC microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors.
Microchip ATWINC1500 ATWINC1500  is an IEEE 802.11 IoT network controller. It provides Wi-Fi and network capabilities through the SPI-to-Wi-Fi interface. The ATWINC1500 connects to any SAM or PIC MCU with minimal resource requirements.
Microchip LAN7500 and LAN9500 LAN7500 High Speed USB 2.0 to 10/100/1000 Ethernet Controllers and LAN9500 USB 2.0 to 10/100 Ethernet Controllers. These devices are produced by Microchip Technology Inc. (formerly SMSC).
Microchip PIC32 Microchip Technology Inc. PIC32 32 bit microcontrollers. 
Renesas Renesas standalone Ethernet controllers. Supported MCUs include the SuperH SH-2A and SH7260 series.
STR912 STR912xx on-chip ENET Ethernet controllers from STMicroelectronics.
Synopsys Synopsys® Ethernet IP core (that is, for devices including STM32, LPC435x, and XMC4xxx). This core is widely used in both MCUs and System on Chip (SOC) solutions.
TI EMAC Hercules RM46, RM48, and TMS570 microcontrollers from Texas Instruments Incorporated and other TI devices that use the similar Ethernet controller IP.
TI NDK Network driver that allows interfacing of HCC's USB Device RNDIS or CDC-ECM class drivers to the Texas Instruments Network Developer's Kit (NDK) TCP/IP stack
USB USB devices. This provides virtual Ethernet links for the Communications Device Class - Ethernet Control Module (CDC-ECM) and Remote Network Driver Interface Standard (RNDIS) device classes. This HCC driver can be used for any device in these device classes.
Xilinx (AMD) Zynq 7000 Gigabit Ethernet Xilinx (AMD)® Zynq® 7000 Gigabit Ethernet. Tested with Xilinx (AMD) XC7Z020-1CLG484C Zynq-7000 AP SoC but supports similar devices.
Other Is your device not listed in the table? Chances are high that we readily support your device, as it might be compatible with one of the devices in this table. Our support team can quickly tell and advise you.