HCC provides all the components needed for efficient management of NAND or NOR flash devices.


A Flash Translation Layer (FTL) is used to attach arrays of flash to a media driver. HCC’s advanced fail-safe SafeFTL Flash Translation Layer presents a logical, sector-based interface to any application or file system using NAND or NOR devices. SafeFTL manages the underlying complexity of flash-based media devices and can be used in conjunction with any of HCC’s FAT file systems. SafeFTL is a highly efficient FTL, designed for use with most standard types of NAND and NOR flash, in simple or complex configurations.

NOR Flash Drivers

HCC's NOR flash drivers provide an interface for a file system to read from and write to NOR flash storage devices. HCC produces NOR flash drivers for a range of devices. Once deployed, the FTL provides a deterministic interface for the NOR flash and manages all aspects of the flash, including wear leveling.

Each instance of the flash driver controls one NOR flash drive connected to the system or, (for RAM) in the target system's RAM. The flash driver interfaces to the NOR base flash driver. It fully conforms to the HCC Media Driver Interface Specification.

NAND Flash Drivers

HCC's NAND flash drivers provide an interface for a file system to read from and write to NAND flash storage devices. A single media driver can support one or more physical media, each of these being represented as a different drive at the media driver interface. The file system handles all drives identically, regardless of their internal design features.