Flash File Systems

HCC has three Flash file systems, each designed to achieve the best balance of performance and resource utilization in their targeted embedded configuration. These file systems share a common API to ensure portability, and can interface with any type of sector-based media. This comparison table compares the features of the first two systems listed below:

  • SafeFLASH – makes execution of file operations and use of flash much more efficient than with a FAT-compliant file system.
  • TINY – fail-safe flash file system for use in resource-constrained applications.
  • Smart-Meter File System (SMFS) – a system built around the needs of smart-meters, it uses a structured database to reduce the complexity of the application and improve performance.

Use this table to work out which product to use for your application. Click the header links for full details of each system.

  SafeFLASH   TINY  
Code Size 17 – 20 KB 8.2 KB
RAM Varies1 < 256 bytes
Fail-safety Y Y
Long Filename Support Y Y
Multiple Open Files Y Y
Multiple Open File Users Y N
Multiple Volumes Y N
Media Error Handling Y N
Test Suite Y Y
Relative Performance High Medium
Cache Option Y N
Zero Copy Y Y
Re-entrant Y Y
CAPI Support Y N
Secure Delete Option Y (for NOR) N


  • RAM usage depends on the configuration and flash type. HCC provides a tool for calculating this number.