HCC’s FAT is a full-featured FAT file system optimized for use in embedded applications that need to attach FAT 12/16/32 compliant media to a product. Typically this might be an SD/MMC card, Compact Flash card, or USB pen drive, but it can be any device that is arranged as an array of logical sectors.


The main features of the system are the following:

  • Conforms to the HCC Advanced Embedded Framework.
  • Designed for integration with both RTOS and non-RTOS based systems.
  • Code size is ~24 KB.
  • RAM usage is >3 KB.
  • ANSI ‘C’.
  • AES 128 file encryption option.
  • Long filenames.
  • Unicode 16.
  • Multiple open files.
  • Multiple users of open files.
  • Multiple volumes.
  • Multi-sector read/write.
  • Variable sector sizes.
  • Partition handling.
  • Handles media errors.
  • Test suite.
  • Cache options give improved performance.
  • Zero copy.
  • Reentrant.
  • Common API (CAPI) support.
  • Secure delete option (but this needs special driver support).
  • FAT-compatible.
  • Standard drivers are available for SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, SafeFTL, USB-MST, HDD, and RAM.
FAT File System architecture

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Integration into your application

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