Embedded Software Downloads

AN101 “Choosing a File System“

Technical document explaining how to find the optimal file system for the performance required for any kind of Flash or storage media.

AN102 “Using Swissbit SD Cards in a Fail-safe System”

Swissbit and HCC have teamed up to provide the only SD Card based system which is guaranteed fail-safe by design. This document explains how to achieve fail-safety and the challenges of system level design.

Embedded Encryption Manager

EEM is a truly modular encryption system which can be used with a file system to encrypt data stored in flash or with a network stack to encrypt network data. It is developed using functional safety methods and is supplied with verification and test suites to ensure quality.

Smart-meter File System (SMFS)

A file system designed to meet the requirements of modern metering systems. SMFS can reduce manufacturing cost, extend guaranteed flash life and improve system reliability.

HCC overview

This brochure gives a short overview of HCC, its history and its range of products and services.

Bootloader overview

Description of the main bootloader products available from HCC including FAT, Serial and USB with or without AES encryption.

eTaskSync overview

Discover more about HCC’s small, cooperative scheduler which is developed according to a fully verifiable development process.

FileSystems overview

HCC has 5 file systems which can be used to deal with a range of embedded requirements such as fail-safety, limited resources or high performance.

FTL overview

Flash management can be a complex subject, this brochure describes the options for supporting NOR, NAND, Dataflash and SSD media.

TCP/IP overview

HCC’s TCP/IP stack supports IPv4 and IPv6 and is developed to a high standard using a strongly typed subset of the ‘C’ language. This brochure describes all the key features.

USB overview

Extensive support for USB is available including Device, Host and OTG with all speeds and all endpoint types. Advanced class drivers for almost any kind of application are available.