HCC, protecting IoT data

HCC’s mission is to ensure that data stored or communicated by an embedded IoT application is secure, safe and reliable.

Most embedded software used to transmit or store embedded data is not developed using recognized quality standards. Most flash file systems can’t ensure reliable, safe storage. Many network stacks are vulnerable to security risks. HCC applies formal quality practices to ensure that software is robust, reliable and that quality claims can be verified. All software is portable and target independent and can be dropped onto any RTOS, MCU or toolchain with all drivers and abstractions provided, meaning virtually no integration is required. This means any embedded system can be upgraded to be safer, more reliable, and more secure.

RTOSThe industry’s most flexible & portable embedded software

HCC has invested millions of dollars to create a middleware eco-system that is truly portable. If you need an RTOS why not download and try eTaskSync free of charge? We supply all middleware with seamless abstractions for more than 30 operating systems including FreeRTOS & many more – we even support ‘no-RTOS’, super-loops & proprietary scheduling mechanisms.

FILE SYSTEMSFlash storage with true fail-safety & high performance for all flash including NAND, NOR, eMMC etc

HCC are leading experts in flash technology. We have a range of file systems and flash translation layers (FTL) to support any use-case. From the simplest pen drive to the most complex NAND or SSD, we have fail-safe solutions that will make your product more stable, reliable & efficient. Put reliable flash storage at the heart of your system design.

NETWORKINGTake quality & security professionally with verifiable network software

Networking & security problems have become a real problem for embedded ‘IoT’ applications. Most security problems however result from coding errors caused by lack of process, not hacked algorithms. HCC have adopted functional safety development methods & provide verifiable IPv4, IPv6, TLS, SSL & Encryption software supplied with strong life-cycle evidence.

USBAdvanced embedded USB supports all end-point/transfer types and speeds

High quality USB suite supports common functions like HID, Hub and Mass Storage as well as more sophisticated requirements including Isochronous, Composite Devices, and interfaces to File Systems and Ethernet. Extensive range of class drivers, including all CDC classes and the ability to seamlessly ‘drop-in’ to any RTOS.

BOOTLOADERSOptimized fail-safe bootloaders, AES encryption customized for any flash type

HCC have an extensive library of bootloader components that can be customized to meet almost any boot scenario. All bootloaders are fully fail-safe and the system will always recover from any unexpected event in a known state. AES encryption, multiple trigger mechanisms, any flash type or transfer interface supported.