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HCC Embedded Webinar Series
Practical Introduction to Safety Software

Are you a software professional who is experienced in standard development techniques and would like to learn about the basic concepts of developing safety software elements?

Join HCC Embedded CEO Dave Hughes for a free webinar, presenting the basic methodology of developing a safety software component out of context. A practical example will be used to illustrate some of the key concepts and how they differ from standard development methods. The webinar also will discuss the role of traceability from beginning to end and how it enables the creation of a safety software lifecycle.

The fourth in a series of HCC Embedded webinars that address some of the most challenging aspects of safety software, this specific webinar is not intended for experienced safety professionals.

When: Tuesday, July 2

  • Attend at your convenience. Pick from four broadcast times that cover most major time zones or listen on demand afterwards.

Want to attend? Register now at www.hcc-embedded.com/practical-introduction-to-safety-software

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact:
Orsolya Eszterváry
Marketing & Communication Manager
HCC Embedded
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