Dave Hughes

The choice between NOR and NAND flash devices for embedded storage has a direct influence on the success of your product, but there is a huge range of device characteristics to consider. In this webinar, we assess the system requirements that form the basis for your design decisions, including cost, available resources, access speed, and data retention. Each of these system requirements is analyzed in the context of the available types of NOR and NAND flash devices, as well as available flash management software.

HCC Embedded has been developing flash storage solutions for almost 20 years and provides a range of deeply embedded software components to meet the varied demands of embedded systems, including those engineered to meet stringent requirements for safety, quality, and portability. HCC’s solutions have been used by over 2,000 companies in products in a wide range of industries including industrial, medical, and automotive. This webinar will guide you through many of the design issues to consider when choosing a suitable flash storage device.

Find out more at Flash ManagementNOR Flash Drivers and NAND Flash Drivers.

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