Are you experienced in standard software development techniques and do you want to learn about the basic concepts of developing reusable embedded software components for automotive?

ISO 26262 defines a methodology for creating hardware and software elements for reuse in the development of road vehicles. This methodology is known as a SEooC – Safety Element out of Context. This free webinar explains the basic methodology of developing a software SEooC, with a practical example to illustrate key concepts and how they differ from standard development methods.

Dave Hughes outlines the four different development methods that ISO 26262 provides and then focuses on the most powerful of these methodologies. He covers all aspects of the process: validating the SEooC for suitability, covering integration to the target, tailoring and on-target validation of the element, and understanding the full life cycle maintenance of the element and integration with safety-development systems.

Though specifically based on the ISO 26262 standard, the methodology for creating safety-focused reusable software elements is also relevant to applications in sectors such as industrial, medical, and aerospace.

This is the fifth in a series of HCC Embedded webinars that address some of the most challenging aspects of embedded software.

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