IPv4 and v6

HCC’s TCP/IP stack was developed using a strongly typed subset of ‘C’. It has strong MISRA compliance and was validated using advanced verification tools. With the benefit of more than a decade’s experience developing efficient, high-quality software the stack brings new levels of performance, verifiable quality and reliability to the embedded networking market. HCC’s networking stack provides a great range of protocols as well as support for both IPv4 and IPv6, providing flexibility and long-term network compatibility. For a full list of the protocols and features, see IPv4 and IPv6.

Management and Security

For management and security applications, the stack supports IPsec and IKE, TLS/DTLS, EAP, SNMP, NTP and SNTP, SSH and NAT. See Management and Security for details.

TCP/IP Applications
The TCPIP Applications page lists those applications that are not directly concerned with security or management.