Hcc-embedded releases embedded portfolio for STM32F2XX series micro controllers

HCC-Embedded today announced the release of embedded middleware components for the STM32F2xx series of microcontrollers including USB stacks, file systems and peripheral drivers.

Following on from HCC’s extensive support for the STM32F1xx range of microcontrollers, the STM32F2xx series is now supported by HCC’s advanced embedded middleware. Developers will benefit significantly from using high quality, stable middleware that is fully tested and optimized for the STM32 microcontroller family.

HCC’s Embedded USB Device, Host and OTG stacks, running on the STM32F2xx, can support multiple class drivers, including Audio, Mass Storage, HID, CDC-ACM (virtual comm. port), CDC-ECM, MTP, RNDIS, Printer and Bootloader.

Full support is available for complex devices, including compound and composite devices, as well as OTG combinations of host and device solutions. A developer-friendly tool is provided for creating USB descriptors.

All HCC’s file systems are available for the STM32F2xx. Also available are peripheral drivers for the SD interface, SPI, and NAND controller, amongst others.

Fully integrated solutions, including file systems, TCP/IP, USB stacks and class drivers can be provided.  Projects are available for standard STM32 tool-chains, including IAR and Keil amongst many others.

HCC-Embedded’s products are designed for operation with or without an RTOS. They can be supplied in a fully integrated state, with many RTOSes, TCP/IP stacks and other embedded components.