HCC offers a range of products for Adesto® Technologies (now part of Renesas through the acquisition of Dialog Semiconductor) flash devices. This page describes these and also gives links to other information that will help you choose the file system to use with your Adesto devices.

SafeFLASH for Adesto DataFlash Drives

Here HCC's SafeFLASH package provides the file API and intermediate file system and the DataFlash flash driver is the device driver. Sample drivers are provided so you can create a driver that meets your specific needs. The physical interface to the DataFlash uses the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) standard.

FTL NOR Media Driver for Adesto DataFlash

When you use this driver:

  • The file system can be any HCC file system that addresses logical sector arrays (including SafeFAT, FAT, and THIN).
  • The Flash Translation Layer (FTL), a system for attaching arrays of flash to a media driver, is the SafeFTL media driver. 
  • The NOR base flash driver is a generic driver which handles the NOR flash drivers.
  • The Adesto® DataFlash driver interfaces to the NOR base flash driver and controls one flash drive connected to the system.
Adesto AT25DFxxx driver for TINY file system

TINY is a full-featured, fail-safe flash file system for use with NOR Flash with erasable sectors <4 KB. This driver allows use of Adesto AT25DFxxx devices with the TINY file system. TINY also supports DataFlash AT45DFxxx.

Smart-Meter File System (SMFS)

HCC's SMFS supports Adesto flash and is optimized to use minimal ROM/RAM. It takes a new approach to the problem of storing metering data on flash media, replacing the traditional file system-based or customized approaches with a structured database defined by the application developer. SMFS is made for purpose and therefore achieves completely new levels of efficiency.

Generic serial NOR flash driver for the TINY Boot-writeable file system

This NOR flash driver supports Adesto flash and was tested with the Adesto AT25DF081ASH-T.

Supported Devices

HCC systems support the following Adesto® DataFlash devices:


Please contact HCC for details.


Device Density Interface Speed
AT25DF011 1Mbit SPI, Dual read


AT25DF021A 2Mbit SPI, Dual read


AT25DF041B 4Mbit SPI, Dual read



Device Density Interface Speed
AT45DB021E 2Mbit SPI 70MHz
AT45DB041E 4Mbit SPI 104MHz
AT45DB081E 8Mbit SPI, Quad I/O 133MHz
AT45DB161E 16Mbit SPI 104MHz
AT45DB321E 32Mbit SPI 104MHz
AT45DB641E 64Mbit SPI 104MHz
AT45DQ081 8Mbit SPI, Quad I/O 133MHz
AT45DB161 16Mbit SPI 100MHz
AT45DB321 32Mbit SPI 104MHz

And also the following legacy devices:

  • AT45DB021B/D
  • AT45DB041B/D
  • AT45DB081B/D
  • AT45DB161B/D
  • AT45DB321B/D
  • AT45DB641B/D