This embedded USB host class driver controls FTDI (Future Technology Devices International) USB devices. These devices convert RS-232 or TTL serial transmissions to USB signals, allowing legacy peripherals to be used with USB. They include the FT232BM/L/Q, FT232RL/Q, FT2232C/D/L, FT2232HL/Q, FT232HL/Q, and FT230X families.

The package provides an FTDI host class driver for a USB stack. This is used for connecting FTDI devices over a USB link to a host.

  • Conforms to the HCC Advanced Embedded Framework.
  • Designed for integration with both RTOS and non-RTOS based systems.
  • Compatible with all HCC USB host controllers.
  • Supports all devices that conform to the USB FTDI specification.
  • Supports multiple devices connected simultaneously.
  • Uses a system of callbacks for user-specified events.

The lower layer interface is designed to use HCC Embedded’s USB Host Interface Layer. This layer is standard over different host controller implementations; this means that the code is unchanged, whichever HCC USB host controller it is interfaced to. For detailed information about this layer, consult the HCC USB Host Base System User Guide that is shipped with the base system.

The package provides a set of API functions for controlling access to a device. Sample code shows how to initialize the system and perform data transfer.

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