Embedded Software for FreeRTOS

For over 10 years HCC has been developing FreeRTOS based projects for customers. Several hundred projects cover all industries and a wide range of microcontrollers. These projects integrate HCC’s rich portfolio of embedded middleware.

Available Middleware Products

  • MISRA-compliant IPv4 & IPv6 stack with comprehensive protocol support.
  • Verifiable TLS/SSL.
  • Verifiable encryption.
  • USB Device, Host & OTG stack with extensive range of class drivers and file system interfaces.
  • FAT/THIN/SafeFAT file systems (including USB, MMC/SD, eMMC, SDHC, and SDXC).
  • SafeFTL for SSD, NAND, and NOR flash.
  • SafeFLASH file system for NOR/NAND flash.
  • TINY file system for small sector NOR flash.
  • Fail-safe bootloader
RTOS Migration

All HCC middleware is based on HCC’s Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF) that abstracts the RTOS interface. This makes it a straightforward process to move your application from one RTOS to another – with minimal if any changes to your application.

Fully Integrated & Tested Projects Delivered

HCC supplies fully integrated and supported projects running on standard development boards or customer hardware. All software is delivered with full source code-based including a demo application.

You can start planning your FreeRTOS project using HCC’s project builder that allows you to specify in detail a project and ask HCC’s team to review it.

Further Information

To find out more about FreeRTOS go to www.freertos.com

Click here to contact HCC sales

To read the HCC integration manual for FreeRTOS go to HCC’s documentation


HCC provides a free file system which is distributed on the FreeRTOS website with a fully integrated demo. This product can be upgraded to a full file system with a broad range of media drivers for almost any type of storage media.