Flash Reliability

HCC has spent much of its history developing a deep understanding of flash storage technology. HCC provides a number of reliable, fail-safe file systems and bootloaders for different flash types. The key to ensuring fail-safety and reliability is to take a system level approach and ensure that each layer in the system has correctly defined the behavior it requires to ensure reliability. This point can be confusing since many ‘marketing’ claims are made about ‘journaling’ or ‘fail-safety’ in isolation from system design – if reliability is to be guaranteed, system level requirements must be defined.

System Requirements for Reliability
Target Verification Tests Provided

HCC performs extensive in-house testing on all fail-safe file systems and drivers.

In addition to our in-house testing, HCC supplies two test suites with its fail-safe file systems to ensure correct operation on the target system.

1: Flash Driver Validation: Ensures driver operates correctly and there are no issues related to system wide performance. Test suite, test results and documentation provided. User can run test suite on target hardware to validate performance on the application hardware.

2: File System Validation: Exercises the file system and API and executes complex series of calls to ensure system operates correctly. Tests are scalable and can be run on user target to validate correct operation. Test suite, test results, and documentation provided.