Embedded FR + SL File Systems

HCC and FreeRTOS have collaborated to provide a professionally developed FAT file system for embedded systems, free of charge. The file system is highly stable, having been professionally developed and in production for many years. It has been deployed in thousands of embedded applications. FreeRTOS+FAT SL (‘Super-Lean’) was originally developed for use in resource limited systems and consequently has a minimal footprint and highly efficient execution. This means it will be of particular interest to engineers developing systems that require minimal power consumption.

Low Footprint, High Performance

FAT SL runs with the FreeRTOS Windows Simulator available and is supplied with a RAM drive storage interface. It can operate with as little as 4kB ROM and <1kB RAM making it one of the most efficient FAT implementations available. The file system can be downloaded from the FreeRTOS website. Click here to download.

Advanced Flash Media Support

Engineers who wish to use the file system with advanced storage media including pen-drives, SD Cards, MMC, eMMC, NAND, NOR can purchase drivers and Flash Translation Layers directly from HCC. All drivers are supplied with a full warranty and 12 months support ensuring projects can be delivered with full confidence.

FreeRTOS Target Ready Projects Available

Middleware from HCC is usually delivered as a tested, working, high performance project targeted at your tools and board with your chosen RTOS. Integration effort and time-to-market are minimized and product quality is enhanced. Developers can focus on their core competences, safe in the knowledge that HCC has provided professionally developed and supported building blocks for their projects.

Click here to request a ‘no obligation’, free quotation for an FreeRTOS based project which will be delivered quickly with full technical support.