Embedded FAT File Systems Software

HCC’s range of FAT file systems can be used with all kinds of standard media including SD/ MMC/ SDHC/ SDXC cards, disk drives, Compact Flash, RAM, pen drives and most common types of external storage. All of HCC’s FAT-compatible file systems can be used with NAND and NOR memories in conjunction with our fail-safe Flash Translation Layer, SafeFTL, which acts as the driver and provides wear leveling, bad block management, and error correction.

FAT: High Performance 12/16/32 FAT File System.

Full-featured FAT file system optimized for high-performance with FAT12/16/32-compliant media. There’s extensive support for external media, including SD/MMC and Compact flash cards, or any device arranged as an array of logical sectors.

THIN: File System for Resource-Limited Applications.

Full-featured FAT file system for MCUs with limited resources. THIN is compatible with media such as SD/MMC and Compact flash cards. The code has been designed to provide a balance of speed against memory, with options that allow you to make performance trade-offs using available resources. This permits a full file system to be run on a low-cost microcontroller with limited resources.

SafeFAT: Fail-safe File System.

Robust, full featured fail-safe FAT file system that provides the same features as a standard FAT file system. It implements a system of journaling/transaction operations that provides the strongest possible assurance that all memory operations will be performed correctly, and that the system can recover coherently from unexpected events such as reset or power loss.