HCC at Embedded World 2019

Embedded World 2019, February 26-28, 2019 Nürnberg, Germany

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On stand will be our technical director, engineers and technical sales. If you would like an appointment to discuss your project or requirements, please send email to: info@hcc-embedded.com.

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HCC will be announcing new networking software solution for Automotive and demonstrating how target integration testing of our SafeTCPIP SEooC, developed to ISO 26262, can achieve full MC/DC coverage on the target system.

  • SEooC

In the automotive world, the Safety Element out of Context (SEooC), defined in ISO 26262-10, is a method for using components in a vehicle that were not originally designed for that specific project.

Designing embedded components for reuse in a safety context is inevitably complex – as it should be. SEooCs can be used to supply embedded components as a core part of safety systems and reduce costs. To get the best result they need to be developed in an environment that can handle the needs of safety product lifecycles. Therefore, the clear best practice is to develop a full ISO 26262 section 6 safety element with the assumptions and test cases prepared for reuse. This needs to be backed up by a project management system that allows each customer use of an SEooC to be maintained in a semi-independent project; so that the full software maintenance lifecycle can be applied to that project independently.

  • SafeTCPIP

HCC is to announce the new SafeTCPIP, HCC’s networking software solution for vehicles. SafeTCPIP has been developed to ISO 26262 ASIL/B standard for integration with any safety system complete with full process that is mappable to other standards such as IEC61508 and ISO 62304. The stack has been built as a set of SEooCs, Safety Elements out of Context as defined in ISO 26262-10, and deliverable as a distinct safety project with full life cycle maintenance for each customer project. It has been developed following ISO26262-6 as a formal V-model development. The initial release of SafeTCP/IP includes the following modules each built to this standard: IPv4, TCP, UDP, Socket, ARP, Ethernet Interface, ICMP, IGMP and DHCP. SafeTCP/IP can be integrated with almost any RTOS and includes a test suite to validate the RTOS resources required by the stack. For safety systems that require space separation HCC can provide a solution (full space separation involves a performance trade-off). The degree of space separation can be defined when the stack is ordered.

If you would like to get more information on SEooC, please visit: https://www.hcc-embedded.com/safetcp-ip/

HCC signs exFAT License agreement with Microsoft which will be launched at the Embedded World 2019

HCC has completed a license agreement with Microsoft for HCC to provide their exFAT product to device manufacturers. The agreement allows HCC to license both the product development and the associated royalties for systems using exFAT.

HCC’s exFAT implementation is available now for use on Linux and any other RTOS. The failsafe version of exFAT will be released in July.

HCC’s exFAT is the latest addition to our range of file system and flash management products for building highly reliable embedded systems.

For more information about HCC’s exFAT please visit: www.hcc-embedded.com/exfat