February 26-28, 2019, Nürnberg Messe, Germany

The embedded world met meet again in Nürnberg!

At this year’s Embedded World, HCC presented two exciting new developments:

  • our networking software stack for automotive: the SafeTCPIP stack, built using our SEooC approach, and the ISO 26262-focused Test Bench for verifying MC/DC coverage.
  • our new exFAT file system.
Safety Elements out of Context (SEooC)

HCC highlighted SEooC, a proven approach for developing reusable software components in safety-critical systems, including automotive, medical, industrial, and aerospace. Specifically, we announced our first Element, a TCP/IPv4 networking software solution for automotive. HCC demonstrated how target integration testing of our SafeTCPIP SEooC, developed to ISO 26262, can achieve full MC/DC coverage on the target system.

Test Bench

HCC also demonstrated the Integrated Test Bench (ITB) at Embedded World. The test bench allows the same comprehensive tests executed during the development of the SEooC to be replicated on the target system to which the SEooC is being integrated.


HCC has completed a licensing agreement with Microsoft for HCC to provide our exFAT file system to device manufacturers. The agreement enables HCC to license both the product development and the associated royalties for systems using exFAT. This is the latest addition to our broad range of file system and flash management products for building highly reliable embedded systems.

HCC’s exFAT implementation is available now for use on Linux and any other RTOS. We plan to release a failsafe version of exFAT in August 2019.

On hand were our technical director, engineers, and technical sales staff.