Embedded MQTT

MQTT is a small, low-bandwidth networking protocol ideally suited for connecting the growing number of embedded applications that are remotely monitored through an Internet connection. HCC’s MQTT implementation runs on its trusted TCP/IP stack and uses verifiable TLS for secure connections.

  • Complete implementation of all MQTT features.
  • Client can be publisher and/or subscriber to a configurable range of topics on multiple MQTT Brokers.
  • All QOS (Quality of Service) levels supported.
  • Full MISRA compliance report available.
  • Tested with many well known brokers in secure & non-secure mode.
  • Can be used with HCC's verifiable TLS to ensure completely secure IoT cloud connections.

When a secure connection is required HCC provides a verifiable TLS module to handle encryption independently of MQTT. Additionally a client can provide a user name and password so that the broker can authenticate the client. When MQTT operates over a TLS connection, both the client and the server can authenticate each other using x.509 certificates.