Embedded FreeRTOS Software

FreeRTOS is the most popular embedded kernel in the industry because of its robust quality and high performance, surpassing many commercial products. HCC provides a rich portfolio of embedded middleware including USB, File Systems, Flash Translation Layers and Networking software for all embedded processors supported by FreeRTOS.

Fully Integrated & Tested Projects Delivered

HCC middleware products are supplied in a fully integrated project with the FreeRTOS kernel and sample projects running on standard development boards. All software is delivered as a source code-based project with a demo application. This means all the integration effort is taken care of and full technical support is provided.  This dramatically reduces the time and risk of using and integrating FreeRTOS with complex peripherals


HCC provides a free file system which is distributed on the FreeRTOS website with a fully integrated demo. This product can be upgraded to a full file system with a broad range of media drivers for almost any type of storage media.

Available Middleware Products

  • MISRA-compliant IPv4 & IPv6 stack with comprehensive protocol support.
  • Verifiable TLS/SSL.
  • Verifiable encryption.
  • USB Device, Host & OTG stack with extensive range of class drivers and file system interfaces.
  • FAT/THIN/SafeFAT file systems (including USB, MMC/SD, eMMC, SDHC, and SDXC).
  • SafeFTL for SSD, NAND, and NOR flash.
  • SafeFLASH file system for NOR/NAND flash.
  • TINY file system for small sector NOR flash.
  • Fail-safe bootloader.

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Worried about integration? Try Risk Free for 30 Days

All HCC products are supplied as source code projects and all target integration is taken care of free of charge for standard products. Full technical support and warranty for 12 months is included. No matter what RTOS or toolchain you use, HCC will provide seamless integration and a test project on your development board. You do not have to pay anything until 30 days after delivery – you can return it if not satisfied, free of charge, with no penalty !!!