HCC provides USB Device low level drivers for the following microcontrollers:

Driver MCUs
ARC Synopsys® ARC®
Atmel SAM UDPHS  Atmel® SAM MCUs with a UDPHS (USB Device High Speed Port) device core
Atmel SAM Atmel® SAM with USP device core
Atmel SAM4 Atmel® SAM4 MCUs with USB device core: ATSAM4C, ATSAM4E, ATSAM4L, ATSAM4N, and ATSAM4S
Atmel SAM x70 Atmel® ATSAME70, ATSAMS70, ATSAMV70, and ATSAMV71 micro-controllers
ISP1181 NXP Semiconductors’ ISP1181
ISP1582 NXP Semiconductors’ ISP1582
LPC NXP Semiconductors LPC
MSP430 Texas Instruments Incorporated MSP430
MUSB Analog Devices Blackfin® BF60x MCUs with Mentor Graphics® MUSB device core
MUSB CPPI Texas Instruments Incorporated AM1808/AM1810 and AM335x with Mentor Graphics® MUSB device core
OMAP L-1x Texas Instruments Incorporated OMAP™ L-1x
Renesas Renesas RZ/N1D, RZ/N1S, and RZ/N1L
Renesas 20 Renesas SH and RX
STM32 STM32 microcontrollers
Synopsys® OTG Synopsys® OTG
VUSB VUSB microcontrollers
USB Device low level driver architecture
  • Conforms to the HCC Advanced Embedded Framework.
  • Designed for integration with both RTOS and non-RTOS based systems.
  • Conforms to HCC’s USB Device Low Level Driver Specification.
  • Integrated with the HCC USB device stack and all its class drivers.
  • Supports all USB transfer types: control, bulk, interrupt, and isochronous.