This project demonstrates the USB device stack with Mass storage class driver. An MMC/SD card is used as the media.

The demo is configured for use with the ADSP-SC589 EZ-Board equipped with the Analog Devices ADSP-SC589 MCU. The hardware configuration is shown below:

The SD card inserted into the board's SD socket can be accessed as a volume of any USB host (typically a host PC) when you connect the board through USB to the host.

The MMC/SD card inserted into the on-board socket is used as a media of the FAT file system running on the USB host the board is connected to. After you connect the EZ-Board to a PC, the card will be enumerated as a Mass Storage device. A new drive appears on your PC and the MMC/SD card content can be accessed.

Note: This project was developed using CrossCore Embedded Studio v2.9.2.0.