This project demonstrates the Ethernet driver and hardware capabilities.

The demo is configured for use with the ADSP-SC573 EZ-Board equipped with the Analog Devices ADSP-SC573 MCU. The hardware configuration is shown below:  


  1. Connect the USB-UART connector to a host PC and open a terminal connection to the virtual serial port (115200@8N1).
  2. Download and start the project.
  3. When the demo starts it requires the ETH link to be up so connect a UTP cable to the 10/100/1000 Ethernet port (J4) and directly to a test PC's network card.
  4. The demo sends raw ETH frames continuously which are redirected to the RX lines. (Loopback)
  5. Using the number of the received frames a task periodically displays the loopback speed.

Note: This project was developed using CrossCore Embedded Studio v2.9.2.0.