If you do not already have it, start by downloading and installing CrossCore Embedded Studio.

Follow these steps to create a debug configuration for any executable.

  1. Run CrossCore Embedded Studio.
  2. Open a new workspace or use an existing one:

    If the Welcome screen is open, close it. You will see the following view:

  3. Select Run -> Debug configurations to create a new debug configuration. The dialog shown below is displayed:

  4. Right-click on Application with CrossCore Debugger and select New. This starts the Session Wizard.
  5. The first wizard dialog, Select Processor, is displayed (depending on your licenses, you might see different CPUs):

    Select the appropriate CPU and click Next.
  6. In the Select Connection Type dialog shown below, select Emulator and click Next:

  7. In the Select Platform dialog shown below, select the platform you are testing and click Finish:

  8. The newly created debug configuration session is displayed, like this:

    Under Device 0 [Core 0], select <Click here to select a program to load>.
  9. In the Select a program to load diaog shown below, browse for the executable to download and then click OK. Make sure that the binary is for the selected CPU!

  10. Select the Automatic Breakpoints tab as shown below and on it deselect the Enable semihosting box.  (Click Yes in the pop-up window that appears.)
  11. Cick Apply then click Debug.
  12. The No Program Selected dialog shown below is displayed. Select Don’t ask me again then click Yes:

  13. The Confirm Perspective Switch dialog shown below is displayed. Select Remember my decision then click Yes to switch to debug perspective (debug view):

  14. Execute the code:

  15. If you want to change the downloaded executable file, you can create a new Debug configuration or change the binary from this dialog: