Embedded Software Services

HCC has a wealth of design and development experience in the embedded systems field. Our product development know-how, particularly regarding storage and communication technologies, is extensive. HCC’s experience and skills are available to customers through HCC’s Professional Development Services group, which can help to accelerate product development and thus reduce associated costs and time-to-market.

Software Platform & BSP

HCC can integrate standard embedded components and peripheral drivers with any hardware to produce a stable application development platform or BSP. Using HCC’s Advanced Embedded Framework it is possible to establish a ‘future-proof’ software development platform that can cope with changing processors, software tools and peripherals over time without disruption. This can be delivered not just as a tested software environment, but also as a managed service that takes responsibility for deployment, training and managing the software life cycle. This means increased productivity, improved quality and reduced infrastructure costs.

Custom Application Design

HCC has designed complete embedded applications including sensor equipment, communications hubs and integrated modules for many blue chip companies. HCC has a ‘full service’ capability that includes hardware/software design and development services including low volume board manufacture and prototyping.

Process Consulting

HCC has a high level of process capability and can assist in the development of mature software life-cycle processes required for industry qualification and certification.