Accelerate Embedded Projects Using Online ‘Rapid Customization’ Tool

HCC today announced the launch of an online tool to help engineers define their technical objectives and quickly generate a customized embedded project. The ‘build-to-order’ online tool allows engineers to describe all important technical aspects of a project including MCU, development board, RTOS, compiler, peripherals, flash memory etc. The project is then checked for correctness and the engineer will receive a delivery schedule for a fully customized project using HCC middleware. Some projects can be delivered in only 48 hours from request.

The objective is to give engineers control of their project timescale by removing the uncertainty that arises when buying and integrating third-party middleware. Most MCU based projects using the current generation of powerful 32bit controllers require third-party software to deal with the complex peripherals. Configuration and integration of this kind of software can be costly and time consuming. HCC’s ‘build-to-order’ tool will provide engineers with a schedule for a fully integrated and tested project, tailored to their project environment. All projects are fully supported and customized projects cost no more than standard middleware.

Engineers can play with the tool and request delivery schedules with no commitment to buy. It is possible to select TCP/IP, USB, File System and Flash Management software to be integrated with any legacy RTOS, board or toolchain. They will receive by email a delivery date and price. HCC take the responsibility to integrate and test complex middleware for peripherals and support the project through its life.

Build-to-order can be especially useful when projects have fallen behind schedule or have short deadlines. Supported MCUs include most popular ARM-Cortex based MCUs from STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Infineon, NXP, and Freescale as well as the Renesas RX series

About HCC-Embedded

HCC-Embedded develops Advanced Embedded Middleware for storage and communication. Implementation is based on a strong process that produces robust, target independent software modules. The company offers an extensive family of embedded middleware including file systems, TCP/IP, USB software for host and device, flash translation layers and eTaskSync.  Products run in most environments, with most OSes or without an OS, and with most processors and peripherals.

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