In 2016 HCC acquired the embedded networking business of InterNiche Inc. of Campbell, California. This has created a new embedded company with a strong set of embedded networking, security, and storage software.

The benefits of this merger for our customers are:

  • Previous customers of both companies now have access to a much richer set of embedded technologies: HCC customers now have access to a richer base of embedded network applications and protocols, InterNiche customers now have the option to integrate flash storage, USB, and similar technologies from HCC. Developers can access specialist networking and flash storage technologies that remove complexity, speed development, and help create, safer, more secure, higher quality applications.
  • InterNiche products can be used efficiently with HCC products.
  • HCC continues to support InterNiche products and support is provided from the appropriate location in either the USA or Europe. HCC transferred key technical expertise and business staff to its offices in California (USA) and Budapest (Hungary) to ensure the continuation of technical support and sales for InterNiche customers.
  • Potential security vulnerabilities in the NicheStack or NicheLite stack will be reported on the Security Advisories page and they will be addressed when possible.
  • HCC has integrated InterNiche into its processes for sales and support. The websites, sales, email, and support systems have been merged.

News update August 5, 2021:

If you are a former InterNiche customer and looking for information related to INFRA:HALT, then please read our newsletter.

Note that INFRA:HALT does not concern the HCC MISRA Compliant TCP/IP Stack!

Please contact if you have any further questions.