HCC Embedded is now Tuxera Hungary Kft.

Since September 2021 HCC Embedded is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuxera. In October 2021 the company name changed to Tuxera Hungary Kft.

HCC Embedded

HCC Embedded develops deeply embedded software components “out of context”, which ensures that they can be used as core elements of any system, including those engineered to meet stringent requirements for safety, quality and portability. Built on a foundation of quality, HCC has a product portfolio of more than 250 embedded components, with deep competencies in reliable flash management, fail-safe file systems, and IPv4/v6 networking stacks and their associated security protocols, as well as a comprehensive suite of USB host and function software. Since 2002, HCC has supplied these embedded software components to more than 2,000 companies globally in a wide range of industries including industrial, medical and automotive.

HCC has built its organization on quality (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified) to deliver quality solutions.

With the introduction of its SEooC, (Safety Elements out of Context), HCC is using its focus on developing reusable safety components to raise the standard of available embedded software elements even higher. The embedded world is changing rapidly in terms of the complexity of development environments and the complexity of the required solutions. HCC continues to evolve with this change and provides embedded solutions to help companies, across all industries and locations, meet these challenges.

Advanced Embedded Framework

HCC has developed more than 250 reusable software components for use in deeply embedded systems. To do this in a scalable way with consistent quality across these components, HCC has created its Advanced Embedded Framework (AEF), the standard to which all components are engineered. The AEF ensures that each component is independent from any particular architecture, RTOS or toolchain. It also prescribes levels of quality to the code and its interfaces, to ensure that there is a consistent “look and feel” across the product range.

HCC Embedded products are used, without modification, in thousands of customer projects with over 30 different RTOSes, in 8, 16, 32 and 64-bit systems, big- or little-endian, with many architectures and tool chains.

Integrated Projects

Over the past 20 years, HCC has built more than 2,000 projects where HCC engineers have integrated HCC embedded components with its customers’ designs. The advantage of this approach is that HCC experts perform the software implementation on the customer-agreed target system. In this way HCC provides its customers with a common platform for development and support. Customers are buying more than just software; they are engaging in a long-term engineering partnership.