HCC is proud to announce that it has acquired the embedded networking business of InterNiche Inc of Cambell, California. HCC has already transferred key technical and business staff to its office in San Jose, California to ensure the continuation of technical support and sales for InterNiche customers. Business will operate uninterrupted whilst we undertake the exciting task of integrating the systems and products to create a new embedded company with a strong set of embedded networking, security and storage software.

How will this merger benefit engineers?

Previous customers of both companies will have access to a much richer set of embedded technologies – HCC customers will now have access to a richer base of embedded network applications and protocols. InterNiche customers will have the option to integrate flash storage, USB and other similar technologies from HCC. Overall developers will be able to get specialist networking & flash storage technologies that can remove complexity, speed development and help create, safer, more secure, higher quality applications.

Where is the business located?

HCC have been located in Europe for 15 years with a strong presence in the USA. InterNiche has been located near San Jose in California for 26 years. Technical and sales staff from InterNiche will co-locate with HCC staff to strengthen our technical and commercial base in San Jose. This means that support can be provided where appropriate from both the USA and Europe.

What things will change?

HCC is working on integrating InterNiche to its existing processes for sales and support, it makes no sense to have duplicate web content or email accounts etc. Over the coming weeks website, sales, email and support systems will be merged. There will be appropriate re-directions in place for some time but customers will receive notifications to use new HCC systems and web content will be merged when it is ready.

Please contact info@hcc-embedded.com if you have any further questions.