HCC’s mission is to ensure that all data stored or communicated by an embedded IoT application is secure, safe and reliable. Most flash file systems can’t ensure reliable, safe storage. Many network stacks are vulnerable to security risks. HCC storage & comms software uses system design and formal quality methods to ensure safe reliable operation.

Upgrading your file system or comms stack is easy. All software is portable and target independent and can be dropped onto any RTOS, MCU or toolchain with all drivers and abstractions provided – virtually no integration is required.

This means any embedded system can be upgraded to be safer, more reliable, and more secure.

Network security has never been more important. Many high-profile security problems have occurred as a result of coding errors & lack of software process. HCC has a suite of IPv4, IPv6, Encryption & TLS/SSL solutions developed using the same process & methods as those used to develop functional safety applications.

HCC networking and security components are developed with a rigorous adherence to MISRA C:2004 and provided with a full static analysis report. Life cycle artefacts available include full MC-DC analysis, 100% statement, object code coverage, and UML modeling.

All networking products are supplied with test suites to validate correct operation on the target system.

No other company understands flash memory and storage like HCC. Embedded storage has been at the core of HCC’s engineering for its entire history. We have a file system, Flash Translation Layer (FTL) or driver to suit almost any media type including SD, CF, SDHC, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, eMMC, NAND, NOR, SSD Flash and USB.

With specialization in fail-safety, HCC provides system design guidelines to ensure media reliability since a file system cannot provide correct behavior without defining the required behavior from all parts of the system.

All file systems, drivers and FTLs are supplied with a test suite that verifies correct operation on the target system.