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October 1st, 2014



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STM32 F0 series Entry-level Cortex™-M0 MCU. The ARM Cortex-M0 based STM32 F0 series combines real-time performance, low-power operation, advanced architecture and peripherals associated to the STM32 system. HCC provides specialist middleware that perfectly complements the STM32 F0 Series.

Software Available

  • eTaskSync cooperative scheduler.
  • USB Device Stack with extensive range of class drivers and file system interfaces.
  • FAT/THIN/SafeFAT file systems.
  • SafeFTL flash translation layer for NAND/NOR flash.
  • SafeFLASH file system for NOR flash.
  • TINY file system for small sector NOR flash.
  • Failsafe Boot-loader for USB and File System boot.
  • Bootloader encryption module.

Tools Supported

  • IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Keil ARM Compiler
  • Atollic TrueStudio
  • Eclipse/GCC

RTOS Support

HCC provide seamless abstractions for CMX RTX, eCOS, emBOS, EUROS, FreeRTOS, Keil RTX, Nucleus, Quadros RTXC, ThreadX, µ-velOSity, µC/OS-II, and many others. Importantly, for custom schedulers and super loops, HCC offers an abstraction for ‘No RTOS’.  We also offer our own eTaskSync, a small cooperative scheduler, which is designed to handle all processing and interface requirements of HCC middleware. This means that developers can choose robust quality and outstanding performance irrespective of their legacy software.

Target Ready Projects Available

For developers using any of the extensive number of STM32 software platforms such as Keil RTX, FreeRTOS, µC/OS-II or others, HCC delivers tested, high performance complementary middleware. USB, file systems, Flash management, bootloaders and TCP/IP are seamlessly integrated with the STM32 target software and tool environment. Integration effort and time-to-market is minimized and product quality and performance is enhanced. When using STM32 controllers, developers can focus on their core competences, safe in the knowledge that HCC has provided professionally developed and supported building blocks for their projects.

Supported STM32 F0 Series Devices  

STM32F050 and STM32F051

Supported Development Boards

Others can be supported on request.

STM32 Middleware Selector Guide

Just click to download a completely free selector guide PDF which contains a list of all STM32 devices and available peripheral software. This document is intended to help engineers select STM32 devices and software which have appropriate peripherals and resources for their application.



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