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Flash File Systems

SafeFLASH: Fail-safe File System.

Designed for high performance and 100% fail-safety. It can be used with all NOR and NAND flash as well as any media that can simulate a block-structured array. SafeFLASH supports dynamic and static wear-leveling and provides a highly efficient solution in which data integrity is critical.

TINY: Fail-safe Limited Resource File System.

A full-featured, fail-safe flash file system for use in resource-constrained applications. TINY is designed for use with NOR Flash with erasable sectors <4kB. Typical devices include Atmel DataFlash AT45, MSP430 internal flash, and many well known serial flash devices. It eliminates many fragmentation and flash management problems and results in a compact and reliable file system that provides a full set of features, even on a low-cost controller.

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